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>> 14 meet and one for my aunt. >> i spell that ron? -- ron? wrong thank you for coming nice to meet you.
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that is fine. that is why there of hughes psychos. >> your name is john? why did it in you leave oklahoma? there is a lot of oil out there. >> guide joined the military >> thank you for your service. >> technically, no pictures. you can do them while i am assigning. i hear that all lot.
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by before father's day. happy birthday. nice to meet you, meredith. >> there work at the center for public justice. and a organization promoting social injustice. >> good for you. it was formed in the '70s. >> i have not heard of that before. i will look into it. hello.
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thank you i am getting these four family. >> ice jams -- i am in sales. i will be honest. it is very nice to meet you. >> you should hang out where they are selling the books. >> and caisse i need dental work.
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>> do have an accent? thanks for coming. >> [inaudible] >> win is his birthday? >> halloween. thank you last night i saw the romney and paul ryan. >> night before even.
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[laughter] >> you did it with that? what happened to your wrist? >> q. did a better summary than i could give. >> i read demonic one year-ago. >> i get him on twitter. >> absolutely. thank you very much. >> if you don't mind.
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>> it is so hard to summarize the book right after you have written it. i read your review. you hit the main points. >> i like the book. >> it is in if one? >> you nailed it. you nailed it. >> it is so nice to meet you. >> i work with him at the firm. >> thank you.
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[laughter] >> is this for you? my handwriting is a much better when i am looking. [laughter] hello. >> where did i meet you before? >> it irritate foundation foundation -- inherited a foundation. >> i really want to two move
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on from the blacks and hispanics that is where they're supposed to be with the republican party. >> fdr through kennedy. >> fdr was very sneaky.
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>> nice to see again. >> i wanted to kiss it. i love her. the producer had not read
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the book. once i got there it was lucky that they could so they can ask the things that people think are not true. >> thank you. >> your welcome. >> happy 55th anniversary. >> fantastic. when is it? >> today. >> happy anniversary to you as well.
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>> you're watching booktv on location at the annual freedomfest conference. one of the speakers is senator rand paul and author of the book the tea party
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goes to washington. the book came out when you were first elected. how would you assess the tea party today? >> and they were at equal parts to both parties. republicans voting for the bank -- bank bailout and also obamacare. now we have the supreme court ruling if anything the tea party may be rejuvenated by the opposition and. when they did not strike it down you may see a resurgence try to have an influence. >> host: when the tea party first started 2006 rethinking of running for office? >> december 162007 and
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boston and calling it the re-enactment of the boston tea party also when my dad's campaign would hit national waves. then it gruber reversed tea party and kentucky was 20009 senator bunning was talking about not running dry showed up at the tea party miss it i will take off 20 minutes there be 20 people like me better mad there were nearly 1,000 people and a new something big was going on. >> host: at that point* did you think about office? >> no. i toyed with the fact talk with funding not running if he does not i might. but showing up to see the rally said there was enough big people up there like myself and would sit at home end watch the news get
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up -- been happy think about my business but everybody else was doing this the debt was exploding so that is when i started to think about it. >> a lot is about the 2010 campaign. in the misrepresentation of view. what do you like to point* out? >> people characterize us has not a movement. rich guys funding the tea party. i did it meet any rich guys. they were so decentralized was citi by a city. sometimes there are two of them within one town. this was a bottom of movement we were unhappy
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with republicans when bush said in order to save the free-market i had to give up on capitalism that disturbs a lot of us. we felt we needed something different. >> host: you're right in addition to be calling a constitutional conservative i have been called the goldwater conservative by critics and it is an honor to be described. >> i read the contents of the conservative first published in kentucky. when i met the publisher he gave me an original copy. i have always been fascinated. >> host: when you think of barry goldwater and
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libertarians is there a difference? where do you see yourself? >> and has been watered down because george to be bush ran as a conservative but he double the debt and was a profit -- profligate spender. we were upset with obama making it worse. many people call them sells libertarian to designate as a constitutional conservative. >> host: you wrote this before you had time in the u.s. senate what would you change? has your thinking changed? >> i feel landers stand more how much we're at an impasse getting stuff done. i tried to take ideas that
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many democrats have put forward but i cannot get democrats to talk to me. i had appointments with several different democratic senators to work on as a security reform. it can be saved 75 years are in perpetuity if we gradually raise the age and mean test the benefits but i cannot get democrats to discuss the possibility. >> host: what about your own party? >> half and half. i meekly critical of my party that all 47 u.s. senators are for a balanced budget amendment. but when we cut $7 million from sugar subsidies we have about 10 republicans that have sugar. if we compare that to the annual deficit is over $1 trillion. you want to cut 7 million added time?
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that is 140,000 we cannot do it once. that discourages me. we cannot cut pennies left alone billions. >> host: you have a new book? >> government police. weird not talking about murder or rape or stealing but people who put the dirt on their own property some of these came out of the first george bush rethink you should not put people in jail. and the old days there was a difference between criminal law and tort law it was called intent if you accelerated somebody that was not murder now there is a man in jail southern mississippi 10 years without
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parole for putting clean fill dirt on his land sometimes it is moving dirt from an area to another. some was well intended the clean water act says you cannot dump pollutants per kriet agree. no chemical company should be allowed the nine your own land is not the same as dumping chemicals. >> host: and utilities and the senate? >> i brought the peg family from idaho ss of new $5,000 per day fine and told they cannot build on their land no water touches there they and it there's no rainwater new government said it is a wetland. looked at the website. it is not there. they say the website is not perfect. another family were raising bunnies and fined $90,000
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with the rahm license. they had one. they said pay as within 30 days with your credit card. 90,000? but if not the fine is 3.1 million. these of the stories that should make americans mad and say no more. a big government run amok. >> what is your biggest frustration? to make people have not come to grips with the debt. it is unsustainable burlington $85,000 per second there's so much waste. it is in the military. the real compromise is conservatives who believe in a strong national defense have to realize there is waste in the military and domestic. the pentagon says it is too big to be audited. that is an insult.
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they need to me we need to figure how to save money in the military $124 billion are and accounted for. >> host: how do for see the debt ceiling is sequestration debate? >> i did not vote for the last one. i will but only if the balanced budget amendment. you need to be hard core. last year we added statutory caps. we have exceeded those a dozen times they bring a bill to the floor to say you're not spend more we raise the point* of order. 80 at a plundered will say we don't care about the rules they routinely ignored them. a rule says have the bill on my 48 hours.
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it is not enough but last year they put up one at 12 hours. i made a point* of order. they said so what. that is why people are not happy. they do not obey our own rules. >> talking to senator rand paul his first book the tea party goes to washington and his new one, a government believes. one of the side issues is where your name came from. are you named after ayn rand? no. my wife shortened my name. my name is rand paul with no intent -- intention to be named after rand. i am a big fan. i read her novels my dad is a fan. he gave me the books when i
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was 17. i never thought i would get so many questions but might wife said you need to be rand a was not running for office. but the first reporter asked me that and since then i have had it quite often. >> host: your the ophthalmologist by. >> i went to duke medical school then it general surgery in atlanta and then residency. >> host: day practice? >> i cannot do it for money. i do a for charity. it is a crazy rule. if you are worth $100 million there is no limit to the past seven come to you can make the zero earned income. i cannot do work outside of the senate but i do miss medicine. i thought the rules were
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different because in-house my dad is a physician they did let him practice some. i cannot practice at all. i have asked them to change the rules but they are not interested in helping me. that is my wife. of favorite picture it is an animated pose. it was a joint project. she helped with the book and allowing me to do the campaign and run for office. >> host: what is she think about being a senator's wife? >> she was not excited about that process. you are attacked by your opponent, character assassination, we talk about talking about religion or college she had not made any campaign vichy came down on our anniversary and said
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don't mess with my man. >> what is your enthusiasm level for the nine romney campaign? >> i have endorsed him. it does not mean i will sit passively and not be critical. not everybody agrees spread of agree everything with my father. i tried to be polite but after my endorsement i did mention i was concerned he would go to war with iran without congressional authority. the issue of war is important separates me a little bit from other republicans but we shall not go to war with one person's a sortie the constitution intense that is separated madison said the give the power in a legislator because executives are so prone to war room want to divide that power play and very concerned beginning a new war. going to the last decade i
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will do whatever possible to make sure there is a debate and the senate and congress if people want to do that again. >> host: did your endorsement cause any familial strife? [laughter] >> some of my dad supporters were not happy. my dad and i always get along. he was well-informed it was coming and we waited until his campaign did not have the delegates. please -- the numbers are done by some supporters and already to admit the numbers are sufficient to seven your father's political costs of the i's will know what percentage do share? >> overall we believe in limited government, original interpretation of the constitution but there are issues coming from this a foundation you will disagree. they still let me come home for thanksgiving.
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i can sit at the adult table most of the time. >> host: what is your standing with the republican party in washington? >> guest: okay. i try not to insult people i tried to work with both sides of the i/o rhythm many different sides and there are times you agree with people and times you disagree. even in the senate i work with the democrat side on internet free them ron wyden we may not agree line economic issues but civil libertarian issues we see eye-to-eye the two republicans that have signed letters occurred in the present -- president i think 67 8% is ready for the war to be over it was more lopsided.
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we killed bin laden and disrupted the terrace base 1/2 monday to creations. >> wheaties think that democrats used you as the evil but demand in the campaign? >> that means you are attractive for them to make the target but i am not easily identifiable i don't believe the end of the partisanship and everett nine airforce one and suggested we bring home foreign-aid and some of that money could be used for bridges here. also to repatriate corporate capital and i have tried to work with democrats on that with the pipeline regulation bill to exempt the old ones i made

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